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Eating His Sister’s muffy As He Films

Seriously, Autumns brother couldn’t take any longer – his little sister had always teased him by running around the abode nude – or wearing nothing but sexy thong as she watched TV – or leaving the bathroom door open as she showered. Every chance she got, his sister was flashing her perky little tits at him. The poor guy’s sister even sucked every boner at her brother’s last party – except his. And since he knew his sister was a bitch – he figured she could suck boner in her first smut vid – he was right – his sister loves to suck boner.  Watch his sister deep-throat a whopping hard boner on Bring Me Your Sister.

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Of course, having his sister suck boner was not enough for Autumn’s pissed off brother. Her brother wanted his sister to take the whopping boner deep in her shaved coed cunt as he watched – no – as he filmed.  I’m not sure if it turned her brother on watching  her fuck but when his sister moaned as she took the whopping boner deep in her wet coed muffy, he did have a little trouble holding his camera steady ;-)    He him wanking at Bring Me Your Sister – and get free access to Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls as a bonus.

Fucking His Sister

Fucking His Sister

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Jayda Garcia loves the mountains of Colorado and she’s always looking for an excuse to go out alone with one of her dildos and masturbate in the woods. In this movie, Jayda wandered into the woods behind her house with one of her favorite sex toys. As soon as she thought she was alone, she slipped out of her jeans and lie back on a rock to warm her little cooch in the sun.

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Jayda Garcia

With a few minutes, the long-haired Latina teen was fingering her dainty clit with her fingers as the sun warmed her little shaved cooch. Droplets of moisture started to drip from her little cooch as she more gingerly fingered her clit. Sliding a finger into her cooch, she knew she was ready for something a bit larger – something that felt more like the throbbing cock of a man.

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Jayda Garcia Outdoors

Needing the sensation of a cock in her cooch, the sexy 18 year old spread her dainty cooch lips and slid the fat purple sex-toy deep into her first-class coed cooch. The vibration of the sex-toy stimulated her pussy and her clit simultaneously causing her to hold her breath slightly, grit her teeth lightly, and roll her eyes back into her skull. Involuntary contractions of her vaginal muscles followed and soon the tingling sensation of the vibrator sent spasms of pleasure throughout the young teenagers body.

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Jayda Garcia Masturbating

See Jayda Garcia having real orgasms – only on Real Colorado

OK – so I posted the first 6 films to this errant teen next door last week – if you missed them, you should scroll back through the posts and check them out. And you should bookmark this page fucking so you don’t miss any of the superior homemade sex movies that I post here.

Back to Violet – as you can see, by this point, she was riding my cock like errant little schoolgirl that she is. Her massive natural tits were bouncing and her round ass was looking amazing riding on my massive throbbing cock.

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And this petite schoolgirl can take some cock. The harder I fucked her, the more she wanted. Slapping her ass just seemed to turn her on more and when I started choking her, her dainty little cunt began contracting on my throbbing cock. Damn – and these films are only low-quality – to see the HQ clips, you should get a membership on Real Colorado Girls.

Getting in behind her, I fucked the errant little cunt dogie-style choking her with the tie of her uniform and pulling her back onto my massive cock. Like most errant schoolgirls, this really turned her on – making her sperm as she slammed back and forth on my throbbing cock.

Rolling her on her side, I fucker her tight little schoolgirl cooder in the spoon position. This is one of my favorite positions because I can ram my cock as deep as I hunger for and she can’t stop me. Of course, this errant coed likes it rough so it was superior for both of us. After she had multiple orgasms, I pulled out and shot hot sticky sperm all over her massive natural rack. Damn – that’s fucking hot. see more on Real Colorado Girls

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Last week I showed you most of the video scenes of me fucking Kaydence Skye as her brother filmed it – this week, I’ll let you see me cumming all over her shaved little cunt then stuffing my schlong back in her tight little cunt and finishing my orgasm – creampie style. If you hunger for to know the entire story on how I got to fuck this tattooed coed cheerleader, you’ll have to read the earlier posts but let me just say, she’s as fun to watch as she is to fuck – you can even ask her brother because he was the one holding the camera only inches from his sister’s little cunt as I fucked her tight little cooch.  Hell – you can download the entire clip on Bring Me Your Sister and enjoy more than these pissy little teasers.

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When Demon brought his youngest sister Thena to me after she dented the tank on his Harley, I was more than happy to fuck the skinny teen bitch and help her earn a few money to pay off the repairs. What I didn’t know at the time was the sick fucker Demon had another younger sister – and the older of the two, Kiri, had just screwed up his $1,300 turntable. Now as a DJ, Demon makes his living with his turntables and this stupid cunt threw a party at his residence and one of her “friends” wrecked the thing. Demon needs her to pay now and the poor little bitch is poor as a church mouse. And just like a church mouse, this little bitch would rather fuck than work.

Now, Kiri is a bit taller than her younger sister Thena but has the same pointy rack, flat tummy, and sweet fuckable cooder. One more thing – Kiri really likes over sized erections! It wasn’t hard to talk this sexy teen bitch into making her first amateur sex smut scene – even if her brother was filming it – she just found it cool to be able to fuck for bucks. By the time she got done sucking my schlong, her cooder was so wet that I was able to ram my hard schlong all the way in on the first stroke.

The whorish tramp moaned as I fucker her every way to Sunday but when I put her on top, she went crazy – riding my hard schlong like we were at the rodeo – lucky for me, she stayed on a bit longer than 8 seconds. Actually, I think we fucked for a bit more than 30 minutes before I blew my hot sticky sperm all over this nasty cunt’s flat teen tummy. She giggled and asked if she could come back and make another smut film with me.

Of course, I told her – as long as you “Bring Me Your Sister

Of course it’s natural, a cowgirl with her pants down in the pasture treating her little heffer to a pounding with her favorite sex sex-toy. Well at least it’s natural for Real Colorado Girl Jayda Garcia and we caught it all on camera with 256 hq images in this set, you get plenty of naughty cunt pics and some real nice pics of this teenager’s firm Mexican Girl booty. Join Real Colorado Girls and download all 256 or check out some of the other sexy Real Colorado Girls either way you win.

Cowgirl Likes It In The Pasture

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Cowgirl Likes It In The Pasture

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Cowgirl Likes It In The Pasture

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Sabina Sweet is my newest addition at Bring Me Your Sister and this mammoth-breasted Romanian-born, Colorado-raised brunette is one sexy short coed. At only 19 years old, Sabina had no idea what her brother was planing for her when he showed up at my door with his little sister in tow. He wanted revenge for his sister burning him and he wanted it now – so he pimped the little whore out in her first smut vid – and I’m the lucky bastard that got to pop this girl’s “porn” cherry.

Sabina Sweet And Her Brother

Sabina Sweet And Her Brother Arrive At My Door

Sabina was real shy and just a little pissed at her brother but she decided that fucking me was a excellent way to earn the coin she owed her brother back and get her brother off her ass. But having her brother filming her wasn’t part of the deal – or was it? I mean the whole point of Bring Me Your Sister is to let brother’s shoot their sisters fucking and if Sabina wanted to leave here with a happy brother, she was going to have to fuck and suck to earn it. Even if her brother was right there with a camera filming his sister’s first smut vid.

Sabina Sweet Glares At Her Brother

Sabina Sweet Glares At Her Brother

And I loved it. Besides being a sexy brunette, one of the first things you notice about Sabina is her mammoth brown eyes. Oh come on perverts, quit looking at her absolutely first-rate, 100% natural  d-cups for a minute and imagine her looking over at you with those mammoth brown “fuck-me” eyes as you caressed her first-rate hooters for the first time ——- now you know why I love my job so much. :-)     Sabina Sweet – First smut vid – exclusively at Bring Me Your Sister.

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Sabina Sweet And Her mammoth Brown Eyes ;-)

But it’s not all about titties – I wanted to see if the rumors I’ve heard about Romanian girls was true – I hear they all can suck softballs through a garden hose and have vaginas so hot and tight the can bend iron rods – and my rod was hard as iron and I needed it sucked. Her brother gets in close and videos his sister as she puts my cock in her mouth working her tiny hands along my throbbing shaft as she sucked, gently at first, then harder and she picked up the pace. To be honest, I don’t think his sister had ever seen such a fat cock and she does give pretty good blow job for a beginner.  Watch Sabina suck cock for the first time on vid at Bring Me Your Sister.

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Sabina Sweet Sucking cock In Her First smut Video

Having such a beautiful olive-skinned athletic coed sucking my cock was unblemished but I wanted to sample the forbidden sweets, I wanted to feel the warmth of his sister’s coed pussy sliding slowly down fully engulfing my cock in it’s warmth. I wanted to fuck the hussy, I wanted to feel my balls slapping against her firm ass as she winced from the full length of my cock slamming deep in her tiny little cunt. I wanted to hear her moan with pleasure and chirp with excitement as she arched her back and rode my cock – her brother just a few feet away catching it all on shoot. – only at Bring Me Your Sister.

Fucking His Sister As He Films

Fucking His Sister As Her Brother Films

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After a hard day of fucking, this cum dumpster takes a hot shower to wash away  the fat load that was shot on her tight body earlier that afternoon…To see more of Acasha and her shower of shame Join Real Colorado Girls

Teens shower of shame

Teens shower of shame

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Thena Sky has been a dear friend since just after her 18th birthday when I met her at a local club. Thena even lived at my place for a few months between jobs. Thena’s cute looks normally match her sweet personality but during this shoot she was being a little cunt. It all started before the shoot – she had been texting a new guy that she really wanted to fuck  and she was all horny from texting the dumb fucker. Before the shoot the shoot, this little cunt told me she would be thinking about her telephone sex buddy and pretending it was him stuffing his hard schlong deep in her petite little cunt. Oh well – so she would rather think about a younger guy as the old bastard fucker her tight little coochie – what do I care? I’m the one that’s going to shoot my hot sticky semen all over her skinny teen body.

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Richard Nailder: Thena Sky

Anyway, about 3/4 through the shoot I was fucking her pretty hard when I had the nervethe f to say something to her….   The little cunt turned to me and said “Richard, would you shut the fuck up! You’re ruining it for me…..” Oh well, at least I got to fuck her – even if she would rather dream about someone else ;-)

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Sexy teenager Faith Vega loves a good FUCK after a long day. Just the thought of getting some dick makes this dirty teenagers thong wet. Come see this froward Mexican Girl take charge in the bed room making you beg for more…. Download Full Movie

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Faith loves warm cum

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