Glass Mannequin Productions has been shooting sister porn since it launched Bring Me Your Sister two years ago. Leslie Stroup is the latest sister to fall victim to her brother’s evil plan – seems she moved up from Texas to stay with her brother after graduating high school and being away from mommy for the first time, she did what most teens do – PARTY, PARTY, PARTY……   Of course, this was OK with her brother until he got in trouble with his landlord for noise complaints. Now he needed to come up with $600 dough for a security deposit of he was going to have to move. His only choice was to pimp his little sister out and have her make a porn so they wouldn’t loose the home.  John showed up at papa’s door on Saturday morning with his sister in tow.  Of course, he never told his sister that she would be making a smut scene and he sure as hell didn’t tell her that he would be filming her fucking an older guy while she did it.

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Just out of high school, John’s little sister had no clue what to do when put in such a situation – so she made the scene – despite her better judgment. At first it was a little awkward having her brother there as she screwed but she soon forgot that the pervert was there and started to enjoy having her vagina eaten by the old pervert. Obviously this wasn’t the first time John’s sister had been screwed by and older man.

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John did a faultless job of filming his sister in her first smut video – he was more than eager to get in her face and giver her hell but the little tramp didn’t miss a beat – she just kept on fucking as her brother watched her titties slapping back and forth as she rode the old man’s throbbing penis.

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Papa Screwing His Sister As Her Brother Films

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At Real Colorado Girls we love coeds that enjoy their own body and 18-year-old Butterfly Haze is one of those coeds. You know, the kind of teenager that’s just mischievous enough to show of in front of the camera but still fun to take house for a romp in the sack. In this photoset, Butterfly plays with a tiny red toy as she shows off how mischievous she can be. Download all 301 HQ images and check out some of the other sexy Real Colorado Girls either way you win.

Cute Teenager Showing Off

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Cute Teenager Showing Off

All the pictures zipped

Cute Teenager Showing Off

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This was Thena’s first disrobed photo set and she was a bit nervous but she still managed to spread her legs and show us all her shaved little teenager muffy. Thena and I had gone for a cycle ride up Highway 66 near Lyons Colorado where we found this old freight train parked on a spur rail next to the gypsum plant. It looked so inviting that we decided to ignore the no-trespassing signs and get a few pictures. She was a little worried that her hair was too messed up from the cycle ride but I assured her no one would ever see the images so she removed her jeans and started climbing all over the dirty train cars. The lighting was beautiful and her smooth skin reflected the light, making me hunger for to reach up and caress her perky teenager knockers. There was just enough breeze to keep her nipples hard but the sun was warm enough that she enjoyed getting unclothed.

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Amateur teenager Thena

By the end of the set, Thena was covered in soot from the train. She had been masturbating so she has dirty black fingerprints all over her little teenager muffy and on her firm perky knockers.  In a way, this turned me on even more – having a teen that’s not afraid to have a little dirty fun on a warm summer day.  But there was no way that I could take Thena abode to her mom looking like someone has just molested her in a coal yard so we decided to sneak through the woods to a nearby stream and get her a little cleaned up.

Thena Is A Dirty Girl

Thena Is A Dirty Girl

Lucky for us, I took my camera with me and filmed Thena washing the coal dust from the train from her body. Although, as I look at the images, I think she spent way too much time washing her muffy and she appeared to be enjoying the cool water and warm sunshine almost as much as she was enjoying the finger stuffed deep in her wet little muffy.

Thena Cleans Her Shaved Teen Pussy

Thena Cleans Her Shaved teenager Pussy

I took almost 500 pictures of Thena in her first disrobed amateur sex photo set and they are all available for you to enjoy on Glass Mannequin. She is still a little pissed at me for howing these images because I kinda promised that they were for my personnal collection – but she’ll get over it :-)