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I like to make movies of teenage girls fucking – and I like to make them even more if I’m the old bastard fucking their tight teenage cunts. But that’s no way for Mister Richard to be talking – is it? Mister Richard has been a bad, bad, boy – maybe some sexy teen slut should spank his flabby old ass. Back to the subject of Mister Richard’s (my) homemade sex movies.

real homemade sex movies

real homemade sex movies

After I had made a few hundred homemade sex movies, I thought I’d put a few of them on the web and share them with the friends of Mister Richard’s Neighborhood. You can see a ton of free homemade movie clips on my site – of course, I can only afford to keep putting them there if you sign up for one of my hardcore sites.

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It’s not every day that a brother gets his little sister to make a porno video just weeks after she graduates high school but after Kaydence Skye pissed her brother off and he wanted a little revenge. This little brother-sister porn thing all started when his cunt of a sister decided she wanted a new tattoo and figured if she fucked her brother’s tattoo artist, she could get him to do her ink. Well, that worked just fine until the little cunt decided she had what she wanted and quit spreading her teen legs for her brother’s friend. The poor tattoo artist was so hurt by Ralph’s little sister when she quit fucking him that he wouldn’t finish her brother’s sleeve – and now it was going to cost her brother $600.00 to get  another tattoo artist to finish his ink. All because this little sister fucked her older brother over. Bring Me Your Sister and we’ll get you your payback.

Of course Kaydence was a little hesitant to let her brother see her little teen pussy let alone film her fucking – but she only graduated high school a few weeks before and had no cash to pay her brother. Hell, only two weeks before she made this porn video with her brother, she was a cheerleader in high school and now she was making porn with her older brother. Everyone loves a teen slut – especially one that will let her brother film her fucking.

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Check out the last of these homemade clips – the part where her brother says “say hi to mom and dad” is priceless.

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Last week we showed you the first six homemade movie clips of 18-year old Thena Sky fucking her 48-year old neighbor and as usual, we’re back with more clips of this nasty encounter between this old guy we call Papa and his neighbor girl that’s younger than his own daughter. Thena Sky is a little slut that really loves cock but papa’s cock is so big that when he really pounds her tight teen pussy, she winces a bit from the pain. Sure she like how it fills her tiny pussy but damn, it’s a lot of cock for such a tender young teen. You can see the full vids on Glass Mannequin

Thena Sky is not the only hot teen on Glass Mannequin but she’s one of the most fun. This young woman loves sex and it’s a rare day that she’s not riding someone’s cock. The good part is she let’s almost everyone fuck her and most of them get to film her. She loves to be in homemade movies and she’ll do almost anything to show off her teen pussy – even fuck the neighbor guy that’s 30 years older than her.

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What old fart doesn’t love to eat the shaved pussy of a teenager just out of high school? A few weeks back, Thena Sky stopped by to visit a guy in our neighborhood that everyone just knows as “Papa” ans she was feeling a little frisky.  Lucky for us, Papa likes to make homemade videos of all the teen sluts he fucks and post them on his website, Glass Mannequin. As soon as he posts a new video, I like to sneak in here and post his homemade porn on this blog for all of you to enjoy.

Thena Sky is a hot teen from Colorado Springs and lives only a few blocks from Papa so it’s easy for her to sneak away from the house and fuck the old bastard without her parents noticing that she’s gone. On this bright Saturday afternoon, she told her parents that she was going to her girl friends house and instead, she made a quick detour to Papa’s house – as you can see in these homemade movies, Thena Sky had sex on her mind. Papa got right to business and it wasn’t long before he had his tongue buried in the skinny teens shaved cunt. In fact, she had a quivering orgasm as he licked her pussy.

After her orgasm, Papa slid his throbbing cock slowly into her tight little cunt and felt her warmness engulf him. Of course he wanted to cum in her tight pussy but he also wanted to make this last as long as possible – after all, it’s not every day that a 48-year old man gets to fuck an 18-year old pussy. If you like these clips, you can see the full-quality full-length videos in the members area of Glass Mannequin. Your membership gets you full access to three hardcore amateur sites with hundreds of videos and over 50,000 high-quality images.  Join today.

If you like to watch kissing lesbians, then you’re going to love watching the petite Latina eighteen year old Honey kissing her girlfriend, Rene. As I said in earlier posts, these teen cunt munchers had been together before but has never let anyone film them before. In fact, the only place you can watch the entire video these girls kissing in on Glass Mannequin. In fact, we have a lot of fine amateur teen lesbians kissing and fucking on Glass Mannequin visit today to see our newest lesbian updates,

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Part 4 of “Payback’s A Mother Fucker”

Kirstoff’s little sister was hurting a little bit from my cock slamming against her cervix but I still wanted 3 more seconds with my hard cock in her wet little pussy before I blew my hot load of cum all over her belly. Her brother looked on as I pulled my cock out of her tight little cunt after one final thrust and blew my load on his sisters firm teen belly and tits. Wiping the cum off her new butterfly tattoo, she looked at her brother with hateful eyes and vowed that one day she would get him back for the brutal fucking her had imposed on her that day. But soemhow in the bask of her mind, she knew that she would do it again if she got the chance. Having her brother make homemade videos of her while she was having sex somehow turned the little tramp on.

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These two naughty lesbians have been friends for a while but they have never been filmed eating pussy before so when the little cunts asked me to film them, I jumped at the chance. Honey, the curly haired Latina, was as horny as they get and couldn’t wait to stuff the dildo in her girlfriends wet little cunt – and to tell the truth, I was a little excited to see her fucking her girlfriend with the dildo. You can see more dildo stuffed cunts at Glass Mannequin

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Part 2 of “Payback’s A Mother Fucker”

As soon as her brother got hold of the camera you could tell that he wanted plenty of closeups of his sister’s nasty parts and most of all, closeups of his sister’s pussy. Lucky for us, we have no problem with a brother getting real close to his sister’s pussy and long as the sick fucker keeps his cock in his pants. Kirstoff managed to keep his cock in his pants but I sure as hell didn’t. As Kirstoff films his sister for the first time, she pulled her little pink panties aside and I slowly slide my throbbing cock deep in her tight little cunt. I’m pretty sure her brother was enjoying this but to be honest – his sister’s pussy felt so good on my cock that I pretty much forgot that he was filming. I just wanted to fuck his sister harder and as long as his movie making didn’t get in the way, I was fine with her brother filming us.

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Last week I introduced you to the Latina sweetheart Honey and her friend Rene – this week I’ll show you a bit more of their first homemade porn video. I love to film teenage lesbians so I showed up at the girls place at a little early with my cameras and a friend to help film. The girls weren’t ready yet and wanted to take a shower – so I suggested I just film them in the tub. Honey had told me that she liked girls but she didn’t have much experience. At only eighteen years old, Honey had just lost her lesbian virginity a few weeks before this shoot so she was a little more nervous about eating pussy on camera than Rene. Rene would be turning nineteen in a few months and claimed she had been fucking girls for as long as she could remember. It was Rene’s idea that we do the shoot and she was all fuckin horny by the time we got the lights set up and the girls in the bathroom. As always – more to come so be sure to visit again soon.

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These two teenage lesbians, Honey and Rene, had never even thought about making porn when I met them at a small sidewalk cafe her in Colorado Springs. The girls had been hanging out at the park and came over to the cafe to get a  coke when I first spotted them. The cafe was packed with nowhere to sit so I invited the girls to share my table and we started talking. Soon the subject came around to what I did. The girls were not at all upset when I told them I filmed homemade porn movies and put them on the internet. In fact, they were very curious and started asking more questions. They asked if we did girl-girl porn and I said sure. By the time they had finished their drinks, they had offered to let me film them in their first lesbian porn scene later that evening at their place to put on my new site Glass Mannequin

Enjoy the teasers and I’ll post a few more in a day or two – be sure to check back. In the mean time, you can watch the full-length video of these nasty teen lesbians at Glass Mannequin