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What can I say, this petite tiny black teen loves dick as much as she loves cunt. This girl has a tongue on her that has to be 3 inches long! And the tiny cunt knows how to use it. This pic is of Diva being delivered to my door by here brother, Knight, because she fucked up his football jersey and now he’s exacting a bit of revenge. Of course, we gave the teen tramp a chance to do her first amateur hardcore porn movie and earn a few bucks to pay her brother back. We had Knight movie me fucking his tiny sister to make sure she had proof that she had indeed earned the money in porn. Only “Bring Me Your Sister” members get to see Diva’s first porn video.

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What happens to a hot gothic black chick when she pisses off her brother? He drags her in to get punished. Jay had this awesome “i-phone” worth 500 bucks. His sister broke the damned thing and couldn’t pay him back. Plus, I’m sure he was fuckin pissed anyway! Therefore, he found the best way to avenge his tragic loss. Oktober fucks the old guy on camera and lets us put it on the internet- she gets Jay off her back. Tada! And everyone is happy. Even her. She fought it and was appalled at the idea that her own brother would see her naked as well as internet porn surfers across the world. Interracial fucking with an old white dude is vengeance enough. But she didn’t really have much of a choice now did she?! So here we go…

oktober_papa_jay_1 oktober_papa_jay_5 oktober_papa_jay_3

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Oktober thought she was tough but when the cameras go on, with one in her brother’s hand, this hot black chick gets yellow- bellied. Papa fucked her till she cried and shot cum all over her voluptuous hip. I think Jay needed a change of pants. Well, watch the whole video on!

Well fuck me – when Theo showed up at the door with his small sister, I had to check her ID – and yes, she turned 18 last week so I had no problem letting him explain to me what the small cunt had done to deserve being filmed in her first porn video by her particularly own brother. It appears that the small cunt had decided to throw a small party at his place and once wasted, she thought it should be fun to get his ethnic fish as drunk as her and her friends were. When her brother came home, she was passed out on the floor and the fish were floating at the top of the tank – seems neither of them should have been drinking. To make a long story short, his nasty small sister had no way to pay him for the damage to his fish tank let alone the dead fish so he wanted to see the small cunt grudge screwed – and propperly so.

Theo Films His small Sista As An Older White bloke Gets Her wet

Theo Films His small Sista As An Older White bloke Gets Her wet

Only problem was, as far as he knew, his small sister had never been with a bloke.  Sure, she did well at the “foreplay” however when the old white bloke tried to stick his huge cock in her small small cunt, it became obvious that she wasn’t sexually active with men at least. She said she liked girls however damn, I’ve never see such a small small twat.

Crystal's Brother Films As An Older White bloke Fucks His small Sister

Crystal's Brutha Films as an Older White bloke Fucks His small Sista

In the end, she took most of his cock – she was so tight that the old bloke shot his load all over her shave small cunt as her brother filmed it all. I reckon it turned him on to see his sister getting railed by such a large cock. You can see al of the video he made at Bring Me Your Sister – sign up taday and get full acess to Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin as a bonus.

My brother’s a dick-sucker. Sure I fucked my brother’s football jersey up but that gave him no right to pimp me out as payback. but sure enough, without telling me, he took me to this old pasty white dude’s house and told me I had to fuck the pasty old fucker or he should kick my bum. It’s bad enough fucking a man over twice my age but fucking him while my brother filmed it was really fucking sick.

Pimping My petite Sister

Pimping My petite Sister

I don’t reckon my brother pimped me out as payback – I reckon my brother really just wanted to see his sister nude, with her legs spread and a big dick buried deep in his sister’s petite cunt – sick fucker. In fact, I reckon he did it so he could return to and show the video of his sister fucking to all his friends – what kind of loving brother should show videos of his sister taking a big hard dick in her petite petite cunt to his friends?

Filming My Sister

Filming My Sister

Well, my sick fucking brother should – not only did he movie me fucking, he got lots of closeups of my petite cunt taking the old man’s big dick. My brother must really be into “sister porn” for him to humiliate me like this. Of course, I don’t need to tell my brother that i kinda liked the man’s dick in me. In fact, I really enjoyed having him ram his dick deep in my cunt as he played with my swollen clit. I almost forgot my brother was filming me as I had my first orgasm.

Fucking His Sister

Fucking His Sister

I didn’t tell my brother, but after all the excitement of having him movie me in my first porn video, I decided to do a few more hardcore fuck videos with the old man at, He put these on his other sites for you to enjoy.  Of course, you can see the entire video that my brother made of me by visiting and for a short time, you get full access to all the sites I’ve ever appeared on – see me sucking dick, eating cunt, and playing with sex toys.

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Tasha, also featured in the “Bee Scare” video, will beat you red if you pay her. She was chit-chatting with the cast a crew of the latest 4some video filmed out back of the Glass Mannequin house set and I caught a great conversation about her occupation. Tasha was talking about the strange things guys like in the world of BDSM. As much of a freak as I am, even I was almost apaulled about it. Apparently guys sometimes like to get their nuts stepped on with high-heels and smashed and other uncomfortable things. Weird! But it was entertaining as hell. Hot as she is, I don’t think I’d let her step on me anywhere. Ouch!

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