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Joey is one of only a handful of mother i’d like to fuck’s that we’ve shot however if more girls were as lusty as this mother i’d like to fuck, we’d be fucking more of them. I’ve known Joey for a few years – in fact, her ex used to hit on my ex while we were both married. Guess the giggle is on him. Joey had never done porn however when she discovered out that I was in the business, she had to work with us. She did a handful of shoots both nude and hardcore – you can see them all on our premier amateur porn website

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sexy Latina Girl Faith

sexy Latina Girl Faith

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I was digging through my teen video collection and came upon one of the first masturbation videos that the cute Latina Jayda had ever done so I did a quick edit and threw it up on Real Colorado Girls for all of you to enjoy. Jayda had been over at the house digging through my old regalia and found a buckskin dress and kapote that had belonged to my ex-wife. Damn thing fit her ideally so she started hounding me to get the guns and knives out and take pictures of her in the tipi in my back yard. I told her I should do it – on one condition – she show her tiny teen cunt in the pictures. And guess what, she did!

Cute Latina Teen - Jayda

Cute Latina Teen – Jayda

This cute Latina teenager had so much fun doing getting naked and doing the pictures, that we shot a petite video of her doing it after we took these pics.  She actually had an orgasm during each shoots – fortunate petite cunt. You can find more pictures of Jayda on Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin – Join today and get each sites, plus a bonus site for the price of just one.

Jayda Masturbates With A Knife Handel

Jayda Masturbates With A Knife Handel


Thena in the wilderness

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This sassy young girl not even old enough to drink stole her brother’s last beer. So what should any brother, concerned about his sister, do to rectify this injustice? Give her a little payback. Kate was dragged in by Dave so he could get his beer back the hard way. So we filmed her fucking this old dude on Bring Me Your Sister. Cute little blonde she was, and just asking for a punishment. Blondes do have more fun. And she did. Resistent at first, Kate took it all and loved every minute of it. But Dave enjoyed it more I think. He got up close and personal while his sister fucks and sucks for a beer… Ha ha, its fucking funny what some girls will do! He was even handed a camera, and he watched his sister’s wet pussy get stretched. See what he sees….

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What happens to a hot gothic black chick when she pisses off her brother? He drags her in to get punished. Jay had this awesome “i-phone” worth 500 bucks. His sister broke the damned thing and couldn’t pay him back. Plus, I’m sure he was fuckin pissed anyway! Therefore, he found the best way to avenge his tragic loss. Oktober fucks the old guy on camera and lets us put it on the internet- she gets Jay off her back. Tada! And everyone is happy. Even her. She fought it and was appalled at the idea that her own brother would see her naked as well as internet porn surfers across the world. Interracial fucking with an old white dude is vengeance enough. But she didn’t really have much of a choice now did she?! So here we go…

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Oktober thought she was tough but when the cameras go on, with one in her brother’s hand, this hot black chick gets yellow- bellied. Papa fucked her till she cried and shot cum all over her voluptuous hip. I think Jay needed a change of pants. Well, watch the whole video on!

Yes, even Jack was a sister, too. “Jacquelin” was taken into this place by my brother Johnny. I beat up his fucking girlfriend cause she was cheating on him and it pissed me off. What else would a caring sister do to prevent her brother from being taken advantage of. That bitch had it coming to her for a long time. Like I was just gonna lay back and take it…. Well I eventually had to cause that bastard took some revenge out on me. Fucker! I was doing something nice for him by taking care of the dumb cunt and I wound up being the one to get FUCKED!! So what the fuck ever. I never thought I had to fuck some old dude for my brother’s sake. He jumped on a camera faster than I thought he would and started filming. Didn’t know he was a sick fuck like that but the asshole was all about seeing a huge cock in his sister’s pussy. Weirdo. But I sure as hell gave him a show and I think he almost came in his pants. I got fucked and he didn’t tell mom and dad. Or else his girlfriend was looking to get beaten up again just to teach him a lesson. Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but he wants again to Bring his Sister.

Sister JacquelinSister Jacquelin

Ah! The great outdoors. Shaye loved the road trip through the Colorado mountains. So what does a hot girl do on a hot day in the middle of nowhere? Get naked. Yep! Out in the woods, she posed for us to take pictures and video of her sexy naked body. Its all on Glass! The sun was shining and the warm breeze blowing. What a perfect day to capture her beauty in the forrest. So she sunbathed and just enjoyed herself, but inevitably lead to something else

Part 1

So after she embraced the wilderness alone, she went on a hike with this old dude. So we filmed this too and put it on Real Colorado! And man, you gotta watch this!

Part 2

Once upon a time was a beautiful girl by the name of Honey. Freckles, dark eyes, beautiful, she thought she was going to be a good girl forever. So she comes in and has a great time with her girlfriend. Rene didn’t really want to do it at first but then jumped right in- I mean would you pass up the opportunity to fuck someone as hot as Honey? Well, then click on the pics and see some more of her….

Honey and ReneHoney and Rene