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Maddy Marks has one of the sweetest eighteen year old puffy pussies I’ve ever had the chance to see and watching this old dude pull her pink panties aside and finger her wonderful shaved twat is enough to make me think I have a chance with a teenager as hot as Maddy. In actuality, the redhead teenager Maddy Marks has more than a cute puffy twat (puffy muffy), she additionally has a great set of large natural tits that any mad (or lady) could get hours of pleasure from – I wonder if the old pervert in this picture ever boobie-screwed the cute redhead or if he at least shot his load of hot cum on her great set of tits?See if she did by joining Glass Mannequin today.

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Maddy Marks Puffy twat

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There are few things in life more fun than fucking two sisters at the same time and this sister smut scene was a graphic example of how much fun fucking two sisters boobie be. Blaze Burnz had heard about Bring Me Your Sister when her brother pimped her put for ruining his drum shoot so when her sister pissed her off, she fucked her sister over the same way her brother had fucked her over in the past – she pimped her itty bitty sister out for a few hundred dough!

In this picture, the sexy tattooed and pierced Blaze Burnz leans back and scenes her 18 year old itty bitty redhead sister, Maxy, as the old bastard at Bring Me Your Sister rams his swollen penis in her sister’s tight itty bitty teenager cooch for the first time.

Blaze Burnz scenes Her itty bitty Sister Fucking

Blaze Burnz scenes Her itty bitty Sister Fucking

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Eighteen year old redhead Tatiyana Williams had screwed one time before on camera but this was the first time she had screwed the pudgy Tony and despite his bald head and beer-belly, the old fucker was able to make the cute redhead teen cum more than once. Watching this orgasmic teen get screwed I reflected back on what it was love to grasp a young woman’s firm teen titties while I hammered her nice virgin cunt with my huge throbbing cock……. Damn, I almost forgot I was supposed to be writing about the amateur teen porno that Tatiyana and Tony made and put up on Real Colorado Girls for all of us to jerk off too.

Teen Redhead Fucking

Teen Redhead Fucking

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I love nasty girls – and I adore nasty girls with shaved pussies and great natural tits and I really adore nasty girls with shaved pussies, great tits that will fuck in front of the camera.

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This was Tatiyana and Bain’s first time on camera and it’s fucking HOT! These two had an energy that you don’t see in professional porn stars – they simply wanted to fuck – and you can tell they are enjoying it. Bain got the bitch off while eating her shaved teen cunt – then again as he hammered her relentlessly with his throbbing hard cock.

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Now this girl has a great pair of natural tits but it’s her clean shaved cunt that had my cock hard the entire time I was filming her. The way she wrapped her shaved cunt lips around his cock and fucked him till they each reached orgasm. Hot fucking amateur porn at it’s best.

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When Misty questioned if she could fuck my friend Butterfly on cam I knew we would get some awesome cunt-munching lesbian sex action. These two girls had met at a party I had thrown for our models and they hit it off from the start. Butterfly had told me she would love to get her hands on Misty’s huge tits and I figured it was just a matter of time before these two bisexual freaks would be fucking in front of my cam.

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I didn’t have all the cameras and lights ready when the girls showed up for the shoot however the tiny cunts couldn’t wait to start fucking. As I was setting up the last of the lights, they were already kissing and fingering each other’s wet cunts in my kitchen. I had to break them up and have them get dressed again so we could start the fucking shoot. When we did start, the tiny cunts got right to eating cunt and all I had to do was hold the cam (and my throbbing dick).

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Maddy Marks has the prettiest pink little teen twat I’ve ever seen and in this video, she starts laughing and pushing the dildo out of her cunt – it’s so tight. Watching the movie just  makes me desire to ram my cock deep in her nice little cunt – make her wince in pain as I hit bottom of her tight teen twat. maybe it’s me, but I really love to violate silly teens and it’s even more fun if they have a pink little twat that is as pretty as Maddy’s cunt. If you desire to see Maddy push the dildo out as she giggles – you need to visit Glass Mannequin now – trust me, the fucking video is HOT!

Pink little twat

Pink little twat

Kaydence Skye is more than a cute redhead teen with braces, she’s also one of the hottest new hard-bodied teen porn models that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Kaydence did her first porn with GMP after her brother read an add I ran in the local paper. Seems the petite teen cunt had pissed him off by fucking his tattoo artist – and then stopping – pissing her brother’s tattoo artist off so bad that he wouldn’t finish her brother’s ink. Her brother not only filmed me fucking his sister, he also caught me filling his sister’s tight small cunt with cum – the first time he had ever seen his sister making creampies! This tattooed teen in braces doesn’t discover particularly quickly – that or she likes fucking filthy old men  old enough to be her dad. I know this cuz the particularly next day her brother was wanting to pimp her out again cuz she stole the cash that I had paid him for her first porn video and spent it on the Strip in Las Vegas. So Ralph was soon back at my place with his small sister. I fuck her again as her brother filmed it. This time I made sure her brother didn’t let her get his money.  You can see the first of the two “brother films his sister” videos on Bring Me Your Sister

kaydence skye

Kaydence Skye

Kaydence Sky Lets Her Brother film Her

Kaydence Sky Lets Her Brother film Her

Kaydence Skye Fucks PapaGMP

Kaydence Skye Fucks PapaGMP

Eighteen year old Kaydence Sky liked my big cock so much that she called me the following week and asked if she could do a few more porn videos. Now trust me, Kaydence Skye has a perfect teen ass, a tight small shaved teen cunt,  great natural tits, a hard cheer-leader body, braces and a few lusty tattoos so I jumped at the chance to shoot more porn of this lusty teen. As we were talking, she stated that only a month ago she was cheering her high school’s football team and one of the varsity cheerleaders – and now I was sliding my forty eight year old cock in her tight small shaved cunt. This video will be on Glass Mannequin for your viewing pleasure – we also filmed a hot lesbian shoot staring Kaydence Skye and Thena Sky – and no, they aren’t sisters ;-)

Kaydence Skye's First Lesbian Experience

Kaydence Skye's First Lesbian Experience

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Arguing With His Sister

Arguing With His Sister

Some sisters don’t think before doing shit but WTF – backing over her brother’s Harley because she was too lazy to look before putting her truck in reverse? Actually I’m pretty sure it turned Misty on to have her brother watching her fuck. This petite mother i’d like to fuck took every inch of my huge cock and from the way she was moaning, she probably wanted a second one in her ass. Of course, her brother got some real good closeup video of me pounding his sister’s cunt so be sure to check out the entire video in the members area.

Filming His Sister As Punishment

Filming His Sister As Punishment