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Butterfly Haze is always hanging out at my place and testing out my new sex toys so last time the cute brunette eighteen year old was at my place, I grabbed the camera and took a few hundred pics – I also filmed me taking the pictures of this cute hard-bodied teen fucking herself with various dildos. Butterfly’s perfect perky tits and her firm round ass are just the start – this cute tattooed teen had the cutest little pierced pussy that I’ve ever seen.You can the pics and video of her playing with her wet shaved pussy by joining Real Colorado Girls today.

Amateur Teen Butterfly Haze Masturbates

Amateur Teen Butterfly Haze Masturbates

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Tattooed girls turn me on so anytime I can hand one the camera as I hammer her teen pussy, I’m more than happy to oblige her. I was out in the yard working when and when I returned, Butterfly had setup the camera and was playing with herself. Now Butterfly is my favorite tattooed slut and when she started to make a new homemade sex movie of herself, I was more than happy to jump in and help her. Her tight shaved and pierced pussy is a joy to slide a cock into.

The other thing Butterfly has going for her is her firm round ass! I love a hard body so this was going to be fun. Everyone calls her Butterfly because of the butterfly tattoos she has going down her side. In fact, every one of her tattoos is of a fucking butterfly. Her piercings all have butterfly jewelry and her little pussy even reminds me of a delicate little butterfly when I spread her lips to lick it.

By now, you all know that I do all the filming in my house and the editing in my basement on my PC. I like real homemade sex movies and I like sharing them with you too – but the only way I can pay the bills and keep this server up, is to have a members area where I let you look at the full-length videos in DVD quality. Of course this costs a little but I think you’ll agree that seeing Butterfly get fucked in DVD quality video is well worth it.

You can see on the one clip how Butterfly takes her feet and pulls my to her – ramming my cock as deep as it can go into her tight teen cunt. I was holding the camera shooting POV so it looks just like it looked to me while I was fucking her.

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What happens to a hot gothic black chick when she pisses off her brother? He drags her in to get punished. Jay had this awesome “i-phone” worth 500 bucks. His sister broke the damned thing and couldn’t pay him back. Plus, I’m sure he was fuckin pissed anyway! Therefore, he found the best way to avenge his tragic loss. Oktober fucks the old guy on camera and lets us put it on the internet- she gets Jay off her back. Tada! And everyone is happy. Even her. She fought it and was appalled at the idea that her own brother would see her naked as well as internet porn surfers across the world. Interracial fucking with an old white dude is vengeance enough. But she didn’t really have much of a choice now did she?! So here we go…

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I love Easter but that I always thought that Easter bunny shit was for the birds – but a buddy of mine sent me this pictures and i thought WTF – maybe I would like to fuck the Easter bunny.

Fuck The Easter Bunny

Fuck The Easter Bunny

Of course, I never figured the Easter bunny to be a tattooed inkslut with a cute little ass and swollen pierced nipples. But hell, I like tattooed sluts and even better if they have all kinds of nasty piercings. In fact, I think I’ll go looking for the Easter fucking eggs that this cunt hid in my back yard.

Yes, even Jack was a sister, too. “Jacquelin” was taken into this place by my brother Johnny. I beat up his fucking girlfriend cause she was cheating on him and it pissed me off. What else would a caring sister do to prevent her brother from being taken advantage of. That bitch had it coming to her for a long time. Like I was just gonna lay back and take it…. Well I eventually had to cause that bastard took some revenge out on me. Fucker! I was doing something nice for him by taking care of the dumb cunt and I wound up being the one to get FUCKED!! So what the fuck ever. I never thought I had to fuck some old dude for my brother’s sake. He jumped on a camera faster than I thought he would and started filming. Didn’t know he was a sick fuck like that but the asshole was all about seeing a huge cock in his sister’s pussy. Weirdo. But I sure as hell gave him a show and I think he almost came in his pants. I got fucked and he didn’t tell mom and dad. Or else his girlfriend was looking to get beaten up again just to teach him a lesson. Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but he wants again to Bring his Sister.

Sister JacquelinSister Jacquelin

Eva is one of the sexiest girls in the neighborhood and it’s always a real turn on when this sexy tattooed young Latina mom stops by and decides to get naked. And for all you perverts that like tattooed Latina pussy, I just posted 188 high def pictures of Eva on Real Colorado Girls – most of her playing with her clean shaved little pussy. Eva showed up at my studio and wanted me to do a few pics – and who the hell am I to turn a nasty girl down?

Latina Model Eva Gets Nasty

Latina Model Eva Gets Nasty

If you think this cute Latina has sexy eyes, you should see the sweet little pussy that she’s hiding behind here black and yellow laced panties. Eva likes to shave and she keeps her little cunt as smooth as velvet.  You can see over 60 closeup pictures of Eva playing with her swollen clit on Real Colorado Girls – you can also find this hot Latina on Glass Mannequin – Join either site and get full access to the other – this way you get to see all the nasty pictures of this sexy tattooed Latina.

Eva Shows Us Her Tattoos

Ev a Shows Us Her Tattoos

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