I just posted a new shoot in the members are of BringMeYourSister.com. Seems Kiri didn’t get enough of my dick the time her brother drug her by my house for wrecking his turntable so she brought her petite sister over for a petite of the same treatment – and then she joined in.

Sisters pimping their sisters

In this video, Kiri is pissed off at Thena for breaking her hookah and smoking all of her…. shit, the manager won’t let me say what she smoked ;-(

Anyway, Kiri wanted to be paid for the hookah however Thena was broke so Kiri brought Thena by my house to earn a few bucks so she could pay her sister back. And that both know that the only way for sisters to earn money at my place is for them to drop their panties and get screwed by me.

Sister films her sister fucking.

Funny thing is – Kiri screwed me more than the petite sister did – maybe it was the older sister that wanted to get screwed in the first place. Well, that aside, I did fuck both of the sisters and made a killer sister porn video to boot.

sisters filming their sister fucking

I will say that this is one of the hottest sister videos we’ve ever filmed at Bring Me Your Sister so be sure to stop by the sister site to see the full-length porn video of these two horny sisters getting screwed.

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