She’s a mean little girl, but you’d never guess. Maddy thought it would be a good idea to draw tiny penises with wings all over her brother’s bass gutar with pink permanent marker. This is just fucked up! I mean what the hell? That is a sacred thing. As a musician myself, that’s just wrong. So he wanted revenge. Tommy had a show that night and needed an emergency paint job that had a price of $700.

Papa has the perfect medicine for that kind of sickness. Maddy explained herself and was confronted with the decision- “Should I fuck the old guy in front of my brother?” She was resistant at first but she couldn’t help the easy out and a chance to cum… dirty little slut! The only catch is that she gets to fuck in front of her brother while he films it. And she gladly accepted. I think she even liked it a little much. Watch and why don’t you see for yourself!

Want another side to this story from the guy that fucked her?

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